Thursday, November 8, 2007


Alright...there is no rhyme or reason to this eclectic array of pictures...I just decided you would like to see all of these. (I didn't want a different post for each would have made more sense though:)

Daxton put my head band on! (ALL BY HIMSELF) He loved it. He wore it around for at least a half an hour. The song "Clap you Hands for Spider man" played in the background while he walked around clapping with his head band on. It was hilarious!
He makes every day fun and new. I am so blessed to be his mommy!

Good afternoon! Shortly after Daxton woke up from his nap Monday afternoon, my friend Kalli and I took our babies to the park. He was so mellow the whole time...but we got some darling pictures!

Kalli and Neveah...I showed her this cute picture right after I took it.
This was definately a Kodak moment.

Saturday morning (the fourth of November) my cousins--Emily, Lindsay, and my aunt Kate (right to left) were traveling home to Nashville. They are the group "Lucy Angel" and had a show out here Friday night! Go GIRLS! They flew home Saturday. We caught up with them before their flight home and had a great breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Thanks guys! It was so great to see you.

Oma and Daxton--We dropped my mother in law off in Oakland...we decided to take her to San Fransisco first. We had such a wonderful time. Thank you for coming out. We love you.
Daxton played in the grass just off the shore of San Fransisco.
Daddy walked him around the grassy park...hopefully getting some energy out before the car ride home!

Ok...I promise...these are the last photos of Halloween! So--ENJOY!
I love dressing I decided I would be a witch! No, I didn't cut my's a wig! (fun!)
Halloween night! Braeton-train conductor-Ashton-Woody, Eden-Jesse, Christian-storm trooper, Michael-monkey, Dax-bat! We walked around Boyd and Brittany's neighborhood. It was so much fun.

Daxton and Montana have such a sweet relationship. They really do love each other. Look how they interact! "love is in the air..."

(This was at his b-day party...after his bath--he wore a diaper for the rest of the party! :)


Marc and Stacy said...

Those pics are so adorable! We were so glad to be a part of Daxton's first year of life! :) Montana absolutely adores him...look how she just looks at him! :) Love you guys!

one big happy family said...

Daxton is so cute! Love the pictures.

Newman Family said...

Hope you don't mind me sneaking a peak at your blog. Your little family is so cute.

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