Friday, August 22, 2008

Mr. Clean

Hello! We are alive. We have just had a lot of exciting things happening in our world, and haven't made the time to share them all with you yet. ANYWAY, I wanted to share a quick little anecdote: A couple days ago my mom, Dax, and I were in Target. I needed to pick up some cleaning supplies. While I looked carefully at carpet cleaners my mom said,"Look!" When I looked Dax was staring at the bottle of Mr. Clean. He carefully folded his arms together. My mom and I exchanged glances and laughed and laughed. Now, Daxton does fold his arms during prayers, and maybe that's what he thought the man on the bottle was doing. Either way, he was inspired by the bald man on the bottle....and we got a real kick out of him mimicking his pose. Kids are the best!

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Marc and Stacy said...

Cute story. This is the age where they are picking up and mimicking a lot, so I'm sure he was mimicking Mr. Clean. Too funny!

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