Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NEWS FLASH: "The Explorers"

Recently, the Van Duren Family has been through Utah, stayed in Colorado...played in airports, random McDonald's, parks, and is preparing for another trip to Michigan tomorrow. If you don't look might miss them all together! There life has been rockin' and rollin'! Many updates to come. :) They continue exploring all possibilities of life on this planet. They found--life is good. AND---and is getting better every day.

Hey everybody...sorry for the not so updated blog lately. We have been running from one place to the next, and I have made little time to up date you on our life. We are doing great....making things happen, and learning a lot! I will post some pictures from our recent trip to Colorado. Although it might not be for a week...Matt and I are flying out tomorrow to Michigan! I've never been there so it should be a lot of fun. We are excited. Our sweet baby Dax is being watched by Grandma. Thank you MOM! "You're the simply the best!"


Rock said...

HEY! What about Idaho!!! or is Idaho just not good enough for you upper class California folk??? Just kidding... kind of. Come "rock it" out here, it's not that cold... yet. miss ya

Marc and Stacy said...

You guys ARE all over the place. It sounds exciting. I haven't been out of California in over two years! One day soon! :) I'm so glad you have your mom for help. That's so comforting. Let us know if you need help moving.

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