Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hello Again!

Hello Again....everyone! We are alive! We moved to California December 31st 2006. What a way to start the new year, right?!? We are setteling in just fine here in El Dorado Hills, CA. Matt is working two jobs still....but is officially a loan officer now. Anyone need a mortgage loan or Refi? Let us know. :)

I love being a mom. It keeps me busy. I also recieved a new calling back to the Y.W at church. I am excited to have a calling. I finally feel like we are a part of our new ward! Hooray!

Dax is growing like crazy. He is almost 6 months now! Can you even believe it? I can't believe it and I spend all day, everyday with him. WILD!!

We went to Grandma Lindsay's for Easter. We had a blast. My mom and I took Matt and Dax to the Easter Pageant for the first time. It was so beautiful. I cried.

Dax had several firsts at Grandma Lindsay's House. He had his first hair cut. (Which I have to admit was emotional for him, AND for me!) He went in the pool for his first time, and celebrated his first Easter. It really feels like time is flying around here...

My friend Stacy let me know about this blogger page and so I thought I would share what was happening with my family!! I hope you enjoy the VAN DUREN FAMILY'S first blogger page EVER! Hooray for us, and for all of you who will get to enjoy it! :)

We'll write soon! Lot's of love,
Matt, Jessica, and Dax

Disneyland May 2008