Tuesday, June 5, 2007

DISNEYLAND May 25th 2007

Yeah....The Van Duren Family has made it to Disneyland. We are standing in front of the famous castle. This was Matt and Daxton's first visit to Disneyland. We all had such a wonderful time. We went with our friends Marc, Stacy, and Montana (she is about the same age as Dax) We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back! Anyone up for another trip anytime soon? Let us know!
Daxton was so amused by Mickey. I think every photo we took of him he was smiling...except for with Mickey. He just wanted to touch him. I thought it was so so so cute!
Mommy, Dax, Mary Poppins, Bert

We ran into to them right by the candy shop. Which, I have to mention, was absolutely amazing. I would go to Disneyland for the fun food alone! The candy shop made me feel like I was a little girl. I love Disneyland. :)

We were waiting in line for the caravan to pick us up from the parking lot. Dax was excited and ready to go back! (these pictures were from our second day...I left our camera in the car the first day! Not to worry...my friends took pictures with there camera and more will be posted from the first day!!)
The Van Duren Family...all wearing, (i might add) is our Mickey Mouse attire. Daxton's shirt says My First Trip to Disneyland. His little hat has "Daxton" on the back.

This was also in line bright and early before entering the park.

I will post more pictures of Disneyland and our beach trip later this week. I can't fit them all on this blog. It takes to long to up load all the pictures!

Love you all..."And may the dreams that you wish come TRUE!" The did for us!
Love, Jessica, Matt, and Daxton


Michael van Duren said...

Hi Matt, and Jessica, and Dax. I was doing some browsing for my family's blog, which is named "van Duren family chronicles" and came accross yours. It was strange to run into people with the same last name, since we thought we were the only ones for miles around.

It was fun to see little Dax, because it brought many memories. Our blog won't tell you that much about our kids, but some of the videos might. This is the year in which we have three teenagers. it is actually quite wonderful.

Keep on blogging! We may run into each other some day...

Jason said...

Looks like fun! We'll have to plan a trip soon, when Madden is big enough to really enjoy it and ride a few rides. I don't think I've been in WAY too long. :)

one big happy family said...

Hi Jessica,
I cannot believe how big Dax is getting. They grow up fast. Love the pictures. Looks like you had a blast at Disneyland. Hope you are doing well. Heidisue

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