Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Nights...

Hello pictures today...I need to take some more. I thought I would share with the world this evening my eventful night. It's approximately 8:46 pm. I am sitting on my bed, Dax is next to me sleeping and I am all alone...Matt doesn't get off until 10:00 pm!! Ouch....So there is some time to kill.

It has been a pretty uneventful week. Just taking care of my little one and getting excited and ready for our trip to DISNEYLAND next week! I am thrilled. I will post lots of pictures when we get back home. (get excited) Matt started his new job at the Masters Group, and has closed at Verizon every day this week. Dax and I are missing him desperately. I am pretty sure he is missing us as well. BUT, good news, Matt's last day with Verizon is next Wednseday. HOORAY FOR MATTHEW! It will be really nice to have him home on the weekends and nights. We have never had that since we've been married. I am not sure what we will do! :)

We will be moving into our apartment on June 8th. It is Exciting...we will finaly be out on our own in California. It's a big step for our little family. We will be living in Folsom. The apartment is pretty little, but we will make due. It will be cozy. And, let's face it....after living in one bedroom for five months, anything is better than that! My greatest concern is fitting my piano in there. I think I would rather have my piano than a table....that's what I told Matt anyways. :) I am not sure how he feels about that.

SIDE NOTE------HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO MATTHEW! He will be turning 26 a week from tomorrow (05/26/07) We will be out of town but I wanted to make a special announcement. Stay tuned for a special post later this week...I love you honey!

The clock is ticking and I should probably transfer Daxton to his bed. Good night...sleep well!

Jessica...and sleeping baby Dax

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