Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Our sister Terri Ann took some pictures of us on the
Sacramento temple grounds a few weeks ago.

These were some of our favorites.
Daxton was tired and not feeling very well during the photos so there weren't many smiling faces. He is usually a smiley guy. Nonetheless, he is still super cute! :)

He is crawling all over the place. I think he will be walking soon.

I was looking at old baby photos of him today and once again realized how quickly time is passing. I can't believe it. I love that I am home and am able to watch his progression throught this crazy world. He is brilliant and I am so glad we have him in our family.

I hope these pictures make you think of you own families. I am so grateful to the gospel. We are so lucky to know what we know, and to have temples where our families can be sealed for all eternity.

We love you all. We are back in busines. You will be seeing much more of us.

Love you all,

Jessica, Matt, and Daxton


Marc and Stacy said...

Beautiful family!! I love the soft focus with you guys in white! It's beautiful!!! We love you guys!

Rick said...

What a great blog. How fun it was to look at the pictures..and do some reading. Makes me wish I could see more of you! Love 'ya!


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