Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Daxton sat perfectley still and posed for my sister in law Kari while
she took some pumpkin patch pictures! :) He was looking up at me. I really should have crouched down!
You want to know a secret...we are not really at a pumpkin patch.
We arranged the hay bales and pumkins outside an Albertson's grogery store
in St. George, Ut. Tricky, huh? You guys should take your kids down and take some pictures!

I loved this picture. He was laughing so hard and we caught him with his mouth open!

He cracks me up. He turns one next week. His little personality is changing and growing with him and I am loving it!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season. I love to see the color of the leaves change and fall and enjoy the cool breeze that comes with it. This is a special time of year. I have always loved it and I love it more every year....now especially because it is when we had our baby.


Marc and Stacy said...

I just love this kid! He is so darn cute! I need to take some "pumpkin patch" pictures with Montana!

one big happy family said...

Daxton is getting so big! He is such a cute little man. Love the pictures.

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