Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Can you believe it......Daxton turned one. I thought it would be fun to share some b-day photos. This is obviously the after math of his yummy cup cake~ This is a little out of order. BUT CUTE! He devoured the whole cupcake! We put him in the bath shortly after this photo and he even had cupcake inside of his diaper...WOW. When Daxton woke up we had his presents on the coffee table. He noticed them from across the room and Oma (Matt's mom) said his face lit up (I was in the kitchen) and he crawled quickly to the table. He was excited!
He loved all of his gifts....especially his gift from Oma and Opa this train. It sings and he loves it!
Big Hit! Way to go! He recieved b-day calls first from Grandma Lindsay, then Uncle Ross, Preston and Aunt Terri Ann and cousin Kellen. They all sang to him. He listened intently to the song. He giggled and loved every minute of it. Thanks for being so sweet and calling and singing to him. We love you! He got birthday messages from aunt Stacy :) and Kim. We are so lucky have our family!

I made cupcakes for him....and decided since it was his birthday that he could have whatever he wanted. He loved the cake batter...he had candy he had never tasted. By bed time, I think his tummy was a little upset. I don't think he regreted his treats though. :)
Happy Birthday to you....Mommy helped blow out the candles.
He knew just what to do with it. It was gone in a matter of minutes!
It was such a special day. Oma came out to spend the big day with us and to her suprise...and ours...he said "Oma" on his birthday! How special is that!

His little vocabulary has grown so much in the past two weeks...probably six new words. (Oma, Wooo, Wow, Down, Yea, Ball, He-Go (aka-Here you go). He has said...nininini...at bed time for a while...but two nights ago after we finished his bed time "milk-milk--"he said,"Ni-Ni," then leaned back and closed his eyes. Matt and I looked at eachother and just were in awe. He said Night Night and then went to sleep. What a cracked up.

He is really communicating and it is WILD. Daxton came up to Matt's his knees with a car in his hand making the bmmmmmmm..(car sound). Matt said, "Dax, you want to play cars?" Daxton said, "Yea." Hello....my baby is talking to us and is officially a todder....oh and he is WALKING! He hasn't mastered it, but he gets up and walks as far as he can and then will crawl the rest of the way.

He signs "more" and "all done" now too. He clapped on the way home from he airport Sunday...crazy...can you imagine what he will be doing in two more weeks!

So..."He-Go"! I will post some b-day party pictures later today or tommorow! :)

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