Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Bunny

Our little BUNNY!

We had Lot's of fun with our friends and family on Easter!

We had such a ball this Easter. We looked for eggs and obviously dressed him up. I love holidays...that's no secret...AND I love to dress up Dax. Thankfully, he still loves me and doesn't put up a fight. Don't you think he is the sweetest little bunny you have ever seen?

Besides the whole "bunny" side Easter, the celebration of our Savior's Resurrection was very special. It just seems like on special Sundays (such as Easter or Christmas) that there is an added measure of the spirit in our meetings. I had the opportunity to sing "I Have Not Seen, Yet I Believe" written by the infamous Sally DeFord. It is a beautiful song and the spirit was so strong. The whole sacrament meeting was beautiful and I had multiple confirmations throughout that our Savior Lives. He absolutely LIVES! I have had a testimony of this for a long time but I am so grateful Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost witnessed to be once again that the Savior's Life, his ministry, and his resurrection are real.

P.S Happy Birthday Brittany! We love you. Thanks for letting us share a piece of your special day. XOXO


LindsayFamily said...

Hey there,
Love the pics and commentary. It was so good to see the update. (By the way, this is Preston) Everyone is looking so wonderful; it totally doesn't feel like i saw you guys two weeks ago. Oh well, nothin but love.

Newman Family said...

I love the little bunny outfit. So cute. What modeling agency do you have Dax in? He is so cute. I've had a lot of people tell me I should get Molly into it, but I've always been to lazy. I think the fear of rejection has something to do with it too. I mean I think my kids are cute but, what do I know, I'm just their mom! I heard Marladell is really good. It's out of San Fran. I stalk your web site all the time but never knew that you remembered who I was. So now that I know you do, I can feel free to leave you comments.

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