Monday, March 31, 2008


Right to Left (Justin, Michael & Kim, Jessica, & Daxton)
Spring Break was full of fun. Our friends Kim, Justin and Michael Bowles came out to visit from Utah. We traveled north to play in the Redwoods for a couple days. On the way we stopped at "Confusion Hill". Lot's of fun!! This was our group photo after we went through the "course" for the lack of a better word. :)

We tried to drive the car through...our SUV is a little too big...but it was amazing to see these enormous trees up close. SO COOL.
Kim, Michael, Jessica, & Dax
(Our babies are five days apart....we totally planned it!)
We were in the "Avenue of the Giants"

Can you say "tree huggers"?
Unfortunately we had to make this trek without Matt. We missed him desperately but we made the most out our trip. It was so fun to play with out friends. Thanks for coming out Kim and Justin!


The Lenehan Clan said...

Cute blog and cute family. I saw your blog on Nicole's. Check us out at


LindsayFamily said...

Oh that is so mcuh fun! I have been to the Redwoods once with my mom, and that area is just breath taking. And I love the new lay-out

Marc and Stacy said...

How fun! We should all go one day!!
Dax looks adorable in his suit in those other pictures, I don't know if I already commented on that.
Have a great trip! we love and miss you!

Mariah said...

Oh my gosh how are you its me Mariah Harvey (5th ward) that little boy is so big i just can't believe it!!! He is gorgeous!!!

Well just wanted to stop by and say I love you

P.S i found you off of heidi's blog so my E-mail address is

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