Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camp Nauvoo

Friday evening our ward had a camp out at Camp Nauvoo. We enjoyed a chili cook off, cookie competition, and played with the members of our ward. Unfortunately, I only pulled out the camera for the swing and a little baseball. Some of the pictures were just too dark. We had a great time. Matt played baseball with the Ramirez family, and everyone joined in for the water balloon launch. He looked like a little kid playing, and it was really cute. Grandma, Dax and I played on the swings! There was a little program and I sang, "Joseph Smith's First Prayer." It is so special to sing that song up in the woods. I can just imagine the prophet praying and having sermons in the groves near his home in NY and in Nauvoo.

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Marc and Stacy said...

I love it up at Camp Nauvoo. It's beautiful. It's fun that your ward goes up there for activities!

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