Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Golfing...Glow Golfing

Friday night we went out with the Rogers Family! (Marc, Stacy, and miss Tana Belle) We played "Monster Golf." We ate some yummy food before hand and had an evening of fun. What more could we ask for? Matt brought his own putter and the rest of used glow in the dark putters. They even had these special little plastic ones for the babies! Super cool!
Thanks for such a fun night guys! We love ya!

And thanks for the pictures Stacy! You are awesome!


Jenn said...

Where is that? I would love to take our kids.

Clark Family said...

This looks fun- you have an awsome rock band!!!! Gary and I are starting a vinyl business- if you ever need any vinyl for anything let us know!

Cecile and Justin said...

We went there a few weeks ago and Talan was freaking out over the big wolf/dog thing in the middle. He was mortified! Its a totally fun place though!

LindsayFamily said...

Preston and I went to one of those places once, We had a lot of fun. Maybe we could take Kellen and Dax when we come to visit you.

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