Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Lovin'

I love the warmth of the summer. We enjoy playing outside and taking dips in the pool. Today "pool day," with our ward, for the first time this summer was at our apartment. Daxton loved playing with all the kids....stealing their food (as scene in the picture below), and kissing Gracie.

There is nothing better than a little summer lovin'!

I hope everyone enjoyed the day. We sure did. Mommies, keep your eyes open. You will never know if Daxton has found your food or is stealing a kiss from one of your little girls! :)


LindsayFamily said...

That kid is so awesome, I can't even stand it. Kissing girls already. If any girls wanted to kiss Kellen they would have to catch him first.

Melanie said...

Oh man, that is awesome that you caught that. But I do believe Gracie is the one going in to grab the kiss! I think the boys better watch out for our little aggressive girl in the future.

Clark Family said...

It looks like Dax is having fun!!! An outdoor pool would be nice!

Nicole Brown said...

We LOVED having pool day at your place. Thanks for doing it. I look forward to many more weeks of it! Thanks! I am hoping that we get an outdoor concert from you and Melanie some time at one of them.

Marc and Stacy said...

Summer time! I love summer!! :) How fun!

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