Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Ni-How" (pronounced: knee-how)

Daxton has been saying, "Ni-How" for at least a couple months now. We could not figure out what it meant. We would copy him regularly and pretend like he knew Chinese. We asked friends and family members if they could translate it, but we all just laughed it off. My sister in law told me "Ni-How" means "Hello" in Chinese. Impressive...he speaks a second language.:) J/K
While Matt and I were gone my mom watched Dax a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly, she broke the code. Drum roll please.........."Need Help." She said as soon as we were gone and he used it (because he does regularly) she knew exactly what it meant.
When we returned home, one morning he was sitting on the potty he looked up at Grandma and said, "I Ni-Yo-How." (aka "I need your help.") I wasn't helping him get off the potty because I knew he wasn't done. He knew Grandma spoke his language and called for some assistance. He is putting words together frequently and it is incredible. He picks up new words so quickly now. They may not be recognizable at first, but he is talking to us and it is so fun.


Clark Family said...

Braden likes that show! It is amazing what they pick up.

Van Duren Family said...

Stacy, he has never seen that show. My sister in law was talking about that too. We have never watched it...he came up with "ni-how" because we always asked him do you need help? Silly little man......FUNNY!

Marc and Stacy said...

What a smart boy!!! I miss him. And you. :)

Cristi said...

Isn't it so fun when they start to talk to you? Yesterday Brooke said "Follow me!" I was like "What?"

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