Thursday, June 26, 2008

Need I say more?

Need I say more?
Don't we all have days where we feel like this? I am just grateful that most days I wake up and this isn't the look on my face. (It's usually not on Daxton's face just made me laugh the other morning.) For all of you who have experienced a day like this week...hang in there! I too have had a similar one and bounced back. Take care of yourself. Enjoy a yummy treat. (It works for me!) It's OK not to be perfectly happy and energized every second of every day. We just have to choose to recover quickly. (Whatever quickly means to you:) Life is too short to feel this way too long. Just remember, you are not alone! Sunny days await you.


Melanie said...

You are so good at springing back! Way to go. I feel like I look like that picture of Dax at the end of the day. The bags under my eyes last night were unbelievable. Here's hopin' for no bags today.:)

LindsayFamily said...

I love Dax's hair in this photo, you should style it like that all the time.

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