Thursday, April 17, 2008


ALRIGHT.....all of you bloggers....I need your support. I have set two very important 90 day goals. As I said in my last blog, I recently attended "Personal Mastery" and it has motivated me to create new momentum in my life. I have always had dreams. I am ready to fulfill my potential. Today is a new day, and I am ready to do this.

Goal #1: I will write and record at least two original songs by June 19th. (my b-day)

Goal #2: I want twelve business partners in the "I CAN" program by April 2009.
(In 90 days I want three business partners.)

I would love for you to be my business partner.

"The "I CAN" system is a solution for financial freedom, and a better quality of life. I can support you to gain better health and more wealth. "I CAN" means I can and YOU can too. WE CAN do this together."
-Jessica Van Duren (Quote from my website)

I know that most families could use a little extra income. Whether you are saving for a down payment on a home, paying off student debt, want to go on more vacations with your family, or you have a special family need---THIS system is designed to accomplish that. I want to help my family and yours make $2,000-6,000 a month working 6-10 hours a week for one year. Please contact me through my site...

Click on and watch "SO WHAT IS I CAN?" --It is an orange box on the home page---next to the star fish. It's a quick video that explains it better than I can on a blog.



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Marc and Stacy said...

I'm proud of you Jess...I looked at your website. Great job. So is this a Mannatech based program, or something that you've incorporated Mannatech into? Did you create this "I Can" program??
I second the vulnerability thing...that takes guts, because then you know the whole blogging world can make you accountable for your goals...but thats motivation right? And I know you'll acheive them.
I totally need to do more with writing music...that's inspiring to me that you set that goal. Good job!
Love ya!

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