Monday, April 21, 2008

To Train or Not to Train...That is the question?

Daxton's first experience on the "potty."
"Cheese!" He says cheese...and that is his "cheese" smile! You love it...don't ya?
Doesn't his cheesy smile remind you of Daddy's? (in the pic above:)
Daxton said "pee pee" the other day, and my mom said as soon as he knows what "that" is...the count down is on for potty training. He will be eighteen months this week. I know that is young, BUT my old hair stylist starting working with her boy at 20 months and he was potty trained before his second birthday! If anyone has information to share on this subject...please feel free to let me know.
Daxton and I shared our last Sunday together in the hall. Next week will be he first week in nursery. I will let y'all know how that goes. I think he will love it.
Hope you enjoy the potty pics...they crack me up!


Cristi said...

So cute! Love the title, too! :) Emma became interested in potty training at about 21 months. I thought that was way too young but my mom said if she's interested, I should run with it. So we had her in training panties for about a week and if she'd have an accident, we were lucky because she didn't like the feeling of being wet. So she was trained by 22 months. It rocked! Brook is 20 months and has gone once on the potty, then kind of forgot about it, so we'll see. So I guess my advice isn't too helpful cause we really got lucky with Emma. But I have heard that pull ups can make the transition even longer. Good luck!

LindsayFamily said...

Oh my gosh!!! those phots are freakin Halarious!! I love it. I sitll cant belive how much Dax is talking, I dont think Kellen will be to much longer though. you should hear the sounds he makes with his mouth, it's funny

Marc and Stacy said...

Daxton, the super acheiver! This kid amazes me with his progression. Direct chip off the parental block! Let me know how it works out...maybe I will be inspired to train Montana...but chances are, she will not be as quick as Daxton. He always picks things up fast! :)
Miss you guys! See you this weekend!

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