Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Our "Fat Sak" needed to be washed. Matt "de-fluffed" our bag and Dax loved playing in it.

This give you an idea how much there was....last time we cleaned the bag the fluff filled 6 black trash bags! YIKES!

Matt jumped in with him. So much fun! :)


Josh and Amy Summerhays said...

Looks like so much fun playing in fluffies! So, you should come out to the soccer game today. The ladies miss you, girl!

Nicole Brown said...

My kids would be in heaven if I did this. Thanks for the fun idea! Our sack needs it soon as well!

Marc and Stacy said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable! Fun times in the love sac fluff!!! :) Hope you are having a blast in D-Land...we love and miss you and are excited to get together when you get back.

LindsayFamily said...

Hey I love the photos! we finaly got our internet up and running to day so expect some photos and some new blogs from us.
love ya

The Steckly's said...

I may be a complete idiot, but what's a fat sak??

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