Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hair Cuts

Those of you with little men....are you constantly needing to cut their hair? Daxton was obviously blessed with a head full of hair...which I love...but....I feel like his hair needs to be trimmed constantly. It reminds me of trimming nails grow so fast and it's like pulling teeth getting the job done. Every mother understands this!

This picture was taken awhile ago (Dec. '07), but this is what happens in our house at least...every four-six weeks...I put it off as long as possible. I was looking through our photos, and this was another reminder that Daxton's hair is way past due.

Keep up the cutting of hair and's every mother's love it...and so do we! :)


Melanie said...

He is such a handsome little man! and I love the leopard print drape.

Melanie said...
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Marc and Stacy said...

He's the cutest!!

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